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Introducing the Eco Key Card

RFID Hotel is proud to announce the latest addition to its family of products: Eco Key Card - a paper-based alternative to single-use plastic key cards.

Reducing plastic waste, one card at a time.

As the largest and most-trusted supplier of RFID key cards and credentials for hotels, RFID Hotel understands that most hoteliers are pivoting toward more environmentally-friendly product options in effort to reduce their carbon-footprint and responding favorably to guest demands in favor thereof. The Eco Key Card is just the latest initiative offered by RFID Hotel to support this goal.

RFID Hotel - Eco Key Card
95% Less Plastic

The Eco Key Card's exterior core is made entirely from recycled paper. With each of its several exterior core layers glue-laminated together, Eco Key Card contains 95% less plastic while maintaining 100% of its structural integrity.

Similar Composition

Although the Eco Key Card is constructed from 95% less plastic, its quality, dimensional size, and durability is so similar to its PVC counterpart, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two products side-by-side.

Fully Compatible

Just like traditional PVC key cards, the Eco Key Card has embedded in it a top-quality HF (13.56MHz) RFID chip that is fully compatible with all leading electronic locking systems, including: Saflok, MIWA, Onity, Ilco, and many others.

Easily Customizable

Paper-based Eco Key Cards are fully customizable with front and back full-color CMYK printing options and can accomodate your print-ready artwork just as easily as traditional PVC key cards.


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