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For your convenience, we compiled a list of questions we frequently encounter related to our products, services, and other RFID key card and RFID credential topics. Review the questions and answers below - and if your question is not already answered here, we would like to hear from you. For more information or to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives, simply click here to request a call from our sales and customer service department.

As hospitality industry experts, we understand the importance of something as small and seemingly insignificant as a key card, and we know that without them, it is near impossible to run your hotel and provide the best guest services. For these very specific reasons, our policy is to ship your key cards the same day your is placed.
We have the utmost confidence that the quality of our RFID key cards, key fobs, and wristbands are second to none. As such, every single item that leaves our warehouse is accompanied by a lifetime quality assurance guarantee. In other words, if your product does not work or EVER stops working, we will replace it free of charge, no questions asked.
All our RFID key cards meet ISO 14333A international quality and manufacturer specifications and are compatible with any locking system that meets the same standard, such as Kaba Ilco, Saflok, Miwa, Salto, and Onity.
Absolutely, we have a sophisticated web services platform that allows our clients to upload and save their custom RFID key card graphics. Reordering custom key cards is as simple as logging in, clicking on the "Place New Order" tab, selecting your saved design, and entering a quantity. For more simplicity, you can also click on your previous order and select the "Duplicate this Order" tab.
Minimum quantities vary based on the type of RFID key card or RFID key credential you order. For Quick Ship RFID key cards that are readily available and in stock, you are allowed to order a minimum of 250 cards and in 250 card increments. Custom designed RFID cards have a minimum order quantity of 5,000 cards per order. To determine the card type you are looking for, browse our RFID Key Card Catalog for details.
We understand that each hotel has it's own unique procurement and expenditure limits and approval regulations. For this very reason, we figured its best to provide you full control over your account. Primary account holders are set up as administrators in our system - administartors are allowed to create additional individual accounts for their staff members, each with their own set of permissions and authorization levels - thereby allowing you to choose whether or not all orders need to be placed, and/ or approved by you, your staf, or a combination of the aforementioned.